The Future of Shopping is Personal.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling, returns and guesswork, and say hello to a tailored shopping experience that saves you time, money, and the hassle. With Picks, finding products that truly align with your preferences has never been easier.

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Engaged community

The top 5% of our platforms community members have contributed over 100+ product reviews.

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Unrivaled taste insights

100k+ taste notes contributed inform our deep understanding of product profiles and preferences.

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Global reach

45+ Countries/territories, a vibrant worldwide community sharing recommendations and reviews.

Tailored SaaS solutions

Unleash your businesses potential with Picks.

Whether you’re a store, brand, influencer, or producer, we have tailored solutions to elevate your success. Boost your sales with our Retail Shelf Talkers, create a powerful presence with our Brand Shops, unlock new revenue streams with our Affiliate Commissions, and stay ahead of consumer trends with our Consumer Trends Consulting.

The Picks Advantage: Seamless, personalized, and social


AI-Powered Personalization

Personalized recommendations that evolve with your specific tastes.


In-Store AR Scanning

Transforming in-store shopping with personalized AR recommendations.


Crowdsourced Community

AI-powered recommendations fueled by crowdsourced input for accuracy.


TTB Compliant Marketplace

We prioritize regulatory compliance for all products.


Infleuncer/Expert Monetization

Earn from recommendations, driving engagement and organic growth.


Sensory Product Recommendations

Solving subjective recommendations with crowdsourced data.

Target Your Perfect Customers, Boost Your Sales

By connecting with perfect-fit customers through our AI-powered recommendation engine, you’ll reduce costs and drive sales like never before.

  • AI-Powered Taste Match Recommendations
  • Seamless Integration for Increased Sales
  • Reduce Costs, Drive Targeted Sales

Social Selling Plans for Brands

Unlock sales without the fees: No commissions, no affiliate costs.

SME Starter

$250/Per month

  • Sell up to 3 SKUs in Picks App Shop
  • Enhanced brand profile with shop
  • Included in featured Brand Shops
  • Get included in Recommendation Engine:
  • Match badges on your products
  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications
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$350/Per month

  • Sell up to 5 SKUs in Picks App Shop
  • Enhanced brand profile with shop
  • Included in featured Brand Shops
  • Get included in Recommendation Engine​:
  • Match badges on your products
  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications
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$750/Per month

  • Sell up to 30 SKUs in Picks App Shop
  • Enhanced brand profile with shop
  • Included in featured Brand Shops
  • Get included in Recommendation Engine:
  • Match badges on your products
  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications
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A very useful tool

A very simple but informative tool for when you’re in debate if a bottle is worth it or not. It covers all the bases for flavor profile so you can quickly discern whether or not you’ll like something. Thumbs up!


App Store User

Grab your phone & rate your whiskey!

A great way to keep track of what whiskies you’ve tried and enjoyed. Learn how to taste whiskey with the various tasting notes within the app.


App Store User

Awesome Enthusiast’s App

If you’re into whiskey (or any other spirit) and are looking for ways to help challenge yourself, store notes and flavor profiles, or just learn more about your palate, this is the app to do it in!


App Store User


I’ve been trying to find an app for whiskey that’s similar to what vivino is for wine. This the app. It’s the best place to get info about any bottle you want to learn more about.


App Store User

Great tasting notes app

This app has a lot of great qualities! It is easy and simple to use but has a great amount of detail. It makes it nice to take notes while on the go but it also lets you have a record of the things you have tasted.


App Store User

Very useful!

With the help of this app, I was provided with a range of interesting options that matched my preferences, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Consequently, I now make it a habit to check the app before visiting the alcohol store.


App Store User

What users say about our app

Picks has collected numerous testimonials, positive reviews, and prestigious awards, solidifying our reputation for delivering an unparalleled personalized shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Picks?

Picks is a revolutionary platform that brings together beverage enthusiasts, brands, and expert recommendations. Our AI-powered app allows you to discover, rate, and buy your favorite spirits and wines with ease.

How does Picks' Nova AI Chat work?

Nova, our Drinks Expert AI Chat Assistant, uses cutting-edge AI technology to analyze your taste preferences and offer personalized bottle recommendations. Chat with Nova to explore new beverages that match your unique palate.

What does Social Selling entail, and how does the "Sales Box" approach differ from the conventional sales funnel?

Social selling is a modern sales approach that uses social media to engage customers and drive sales. At Picks, we've transformed this concept with our dynamic "Sales Box." Comprising Observation, Profiling, Engagement, and Personalization, the Sales Box enhances social selling's effectiveness. It collects customer insights, crafts taste profiles, tailors engagement strategies, and offers personalized recommendations. Together, social selling and the Sales Box enable alcohol brands to create meaningful interactions, foster loyalty, and boost sales through personalized customer experiences.

What are Picks Retail Shelf Talkers?

Picks Retail Shelf Talkers are eye-catching tags that retailers can enroll in our program to display on their shelves. These tags showcase detailed information about each bottle, including its overall palate, detailed taste profile, and community ratings. By using Retail Shelf Talkers, retailers enhance the shopping experience and enable customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. This program also reduces the dependency on store associates' knowledge alone, providing customers with valuable insights while browsing the shelves.

What are Packs on Picks' Shop?

Packs on PicksShop are curated collections of beverages, powered by technology and enabled by the community. These blind sample packs are designed to provide a unique and interactive tasting experience. By offering a variety of beverages tailored to specific themes or occasions, Packs allow you to explore flavors from around the world and discover new taste profiles without any preconceived notions. Whether you're a novice or an enthusiast, Packs offer an exciting journey of discovery. Explore Packs to uncover new flavors, find perfect selections for your gatherings, and delve into the world of beverages like never before.

Can you explain how the Taste Quiz works?

Completing the Taste Quiz is one of the ways to unlock your personalized taste profile and receive instant bottle recommendations perfectly suited to your unique palate. Our Taste Quiz sets itself apart from others by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. Rather than merely comparing your responses to products in our database, we use machine learning to identify your palate based on how it aligns with the tastes of our vibrant community. By analyzing your responses alongside others with similar tastes, we curate expert recommendations that match your preferences. This personalized approach leads to better recommendations and an enhanced drink exploration experience, making it easier than ever to discover delightful flavors that elevate your sipping journey. Whether you choose the Taste Quiz or prefer to try different beverages through actual tastings, Picks offers you the flexibility to curate an extraordinary drink exploration journey that perfectly suits your preferences.

What are Picks' future plans?

Picks is constantly evolving, with plans to expand our offerings, engage more brands, create immersive personalized AR shopping experiences, and enhance our AI capabilities. We're committed to redefining the future personalized shopping experience.

How can I become an investor in Picks' growth?

If you're interested in supporting our vision and joining us on this exciting journey, please reach out to our investor relations team for investment opportunities.

Insights from the Desk of Our Founder

  • Joel Paglione
  • May 20th, 2023

Gen-Z’s Fresh Pour: Personal Tastes Redefining the Wine and Spirits World

The timeless world of wine and spirits, traditionally guided by long-standing customs, is witnessing a gusty change with the entry of Gen-Z. Born digital and fiercely individualistic, this generation is shifting the narrative from the conventional wisdom of the connoisseurs to a more personal, flavor-driven dialogue. They're not just sipping on a beverage; they're reshaping an industry, valuing personal taste over established norms.
  • Joel Paglione
  • May 9th, 2023

Harnessing Social Selling for B2B Success

In today's interconnected digital world, the cornerstone of successful business lies in authentic relationships. For B2B enterprises, social selling has evolved from a mere buzzword to an indispensable strategy. It's the key to building trust, highlighting brand prowess, and amplifying sales. Embracing thought leadership and offering content that genuinely resonates with audiences is not an option but a necessity, with social media platforms playing a central role in this transformative journey.
  • Joel Paglione
  • April 1st, 2023

Redefining Sales: The "Sales Box" Approach

At Picks, we're pioneering a fresh approach to sales with our Sales Box model. Instead of the traditional Sales Funnel, we're using AI-driven methods that continually adapt to customer preferences, informed by both individual insights and collective community wisdom. This proactive model ensures that every interaction is not just efficient but also deeply personalized, placing genuine connection at the heart of every touchpoint. Our aim? To redefine how businesses connect with their customers, valuing understanding and authenticity above all.

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