Boost Online Sales with AI-Powered Social Selling

Say goodbye to costly click-through ad methods. We’ll naturally match your products with customers specifically seeking types, flavors and taste profiles that match your products.

  • No Commissions, No Affiliate Fees

Simple and Fast Onboarding for Brands


Effortless Product Upload

Easily upload product details: price, bottle name, and redirect URLs.


Instant Shop Visibility

After uploading, your products are instantly available on our app and web shop.


Dedicated Brand Shop

We create a dedicated section in our shop for users to browse and purchase all of your brand's products.


Inclusion in Recommendations

Your products integrate into our recommendation system, reaching users via notifications, emails, and top picks lists.

Effortless AI-driven Customer Matchmaking

Customers rely on Picks to discover drinks tailored to their tastes. Our algorithms compare your products unique taste profile to our user base, then we connect your products automatically with the perfect customers for them through the following:

  • Instant Match Notifications: Right on the app, our users receive real-time notifications, alerting them to products that align perfectly with their profile.
  • Weekly Top Picks: Every week, our curated 'Top Picks Matches For You' email keeps users engaged, highlighting products that they shouldn't miss.
  • Shop Smart: Match badges on our app and website instantly show product compatibility with user tastes.

Brand Shops: Your Showcase on Picks

Within Picks, your “Brand Shop” is more than a digital shelf—it’s a stage. Here, your entire product lineup is at the forefront, framed by the story of your brand. But what truly sets it apart is the real-time feedback loop from our vibrant community. Their tastes, scores, and reviews offer invaluable insights, merging commerce with genuine connections.

Not only do enthusiasts get to explore and shop your range, they also engage directly, sharing their experiences and opinions. This interplay fosters brand loyalty and creates a trusted space for users to discover and cherish your offerings.

Where Social Proof Amplifies Authenticity

In the age of digital marketing, consumers value genuine opinions and authenticity above all. With Picks, we’ve transformed the way brands interact, showcase, and, most importantly, resonate with their audience. Explore the unique elements that make our Brand Shops stand out:

One-Stop Product Lineup

Discover and shop. Users can effortlessly browse your entire collection, diving into each product's tastes, scores, and what the community thinks.

Community-Driven Authentic Reviews

It's not just about what you say about your products; it’s about what the community thinks too. People can click any product to browse the tasting reviews that enthusiasts and trusted community members share about those bottles, offering unparalleled social proof for your lineup.

Live Your Brand's Journey

From R&D tastings, tastings of upcoming releases to exclusive barrel pick tastings - your profile page becomes a real-time window into your brand's evolution and innovation, taking the community with you along the way.

Social Proof: The Picks Difference

In a landscape saturated with promotional content, genuine testimonials shine brightly. At Picks, community-driven feedback and honest reviews bridge the gap between brands and enthusiasts, weaving a narrative of trust, quality, and shared passion.

Content Posts with Genuine Engagement

Beyond just sharing tastings, communicate with the community through posts. Share your stories, insights, and brand ethos in a way that fosters genuine connections.

Amplified Brand Visibility

Being a part of Picks ensures that your brand remains top-of-mind. As users engage, share, and explore, your brand gains organic traction, further embedding its presence in a community of passionate enthusiasts.

Social Selling Plans for Brands

Unlock sales without the fees: No commissions, no affiliate costs.

SME Starter

$250/Per month

  • Sell up to 3 SKUs in Picks App Shop
  • Enhanced brand profile with shop
  • Included in featured Brand Shops
  • Get included in Recommendation Engine:
  • Match badges on your products
  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications
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$350/Per month

  • Sell up to 5 SKUs in Picks App Shop
  • Enhanced brand profile with shop
  • Included in featured Brand Shops
  • Get included in Recommendation Engine​:
  • Match badges on your products
  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications
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$750/Per month

  • Sell up to 30 SKUs in Picks App Shop
  • Enhanced brand profile with shop
  • Included in featured Brand Shops
  • Get included in Recommendation Engine:
  • Match badges on your products
  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications
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Our Thoughts and Insights on Social Selling

This section features articles that offer a deep dive into innovative sales strategies and the importance of social selling.

  • Joel Paglione
  • April 1st, 2023

Redefining Sales: The "Sales Box" Approach

At Picks, we're trailblazing a transformative shift in sales strategies. The linear model of the Sales Funnel is evolving into a dynamic, data-driven Sales Box approach that prioritizes customers' unique experiences. This revolutionary method ensures a highly personalized and efficient interaction at every touchpoint.
  • Joel Paglione
  • May 9th, 2023

Harnessing Social Selling for B2B Success

In the digital landscape, relationships matter. For B2B companies, social selling isn't just a buzzword – it's an essential strategy to build trust, showcase expertise, and drive sales growth. From establishing thought leadership to delivering tailored content that resonates, leveraging social media is pivotal.
  • Joel Paglione
  • May 18th, 2023

Leveraging Social Selling: Small Businesses vs. Industry Titans

The entrepreneurial landscape can often seem dominated by industry giants, but there's ample room for small businesses to shine and thrive. Social selling emerges as a beacon for those businesses, offering avenues to forge genuine connections, win customer trust, and level the playing field.

Your Guide to Picks Social Selling

Navigating the vast world of spirits and wines can be daunting for customers. With Picks Retail Shelf Talkers, your liquor store introduces a beacon of guidance that shines light on the finest choices. A fusion of collective insights, our shelf talkers are a testament to genuine experiences and tastes shared by a community of enthusiasts. Dive into our frequently asked questions below and uncover how this tool not only augments your customers’ shopping experience but also elevates your sales.

Q. Explain Picks' Social Selling Plans for Brands

Picks' Social Selling Plans empower brands to target their perfect customers using our AI-powered recommendation engine. It offers AI-Powered Taste Match Recommendations, seamless integration for increased sales, and eliminates commissions and affiliate costs.

Q. Are there any specific requirements for brands to apply?

Yes, this opportunity is exclusive to USA-based brands with online fulfillment capabilities and the ability to serve a broad number of states.

Q. How does Picks' AI-powered recommendation system work?

Customers share advanced tasting reviews, and our AI learns their taste profiles. They receive personalized bottle recommendations, can scan bottles for matches, and explore crowdsourced taste profiles.

Q. How does Picks ensure compliance with the 3-tier and TTB requirements?

Our platform adheres to the 3-tier system and TTB requirements by facilitating the interaction between producers, distributors, and retailers while ensuring proper sales and distribution practices.

Q. What are the benefits of Picks' Social Selling Plans?

  • Personalized taste profiles for every user.
  • AI-powered recommendation engine driving sales.
  • Efficient and data-driven approach.
  • Value through helpful content and brand awareness.

Q. How can brands get started with Social Selling Plans?

To begin, brands can choose their desired tier and fill out the application form on our website. Our team will be in touch to guide them through the next steps, including onboarding and product integration.

Q. How do brands participate in the Social Selling program?

Brands can apply for the tier that best suits their needs, provide a CSV file (or API) with their assortment, and load products into the Picks app. Shoppable buttons will then appear, allowing customers to purchase products directly.

Q. What makes Picks' "Sales Box" approach unique?

The Sales Box approach provides a more personalized and engaging experience for customers, leveraging social selling, personalization, and AI-based recommendations to deliver unmatched growth and seamless integration.

Q. Why is Picks' "Sales Box" better than traditional "Sales Funnel" approaches?

The Sales Box approach focuses on personalized customer experiences, gathering data-driven insights, and eliminating the push-marketing tactics commonly found in traditional sales funnel models. It offers a more effective and efficient sales process, creating better customer relationships.

Q. Can social selling with Picks replace paid media or click-through ads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook?

Picks' Social Selling Plans offer a different approach to reaching customers, leveraging AI-powered recommendations and personalized experiences. While it complements traditional marketing efforts, it focuses on driving organic engagement and direct sales, eliminating the need for paid media or click-through ads.

Q. How can brands ensure they're maximizing Picks' Social Selling benefits?

Brands can actively engage with the Picks community, share tasting reviews, and utilize the AI-powered recommendation engine to receive highly personalized matches and notifications. Staying active on the platform helps create a strong brand presence and drives sales.

Q. Does Picks charge any commissions or affiliate costs for sales made through the platform?

No, Picks does not charge any commissions or affiliate costs. Brands can enjoy the benefits of social selling and AI-based recommendations without additional fees.

Q. Are there additional advertising options available for brands on Picks?

Absolutely! We offer various advertising add-ons to further boost your brand's visibility and reach within the Picks community. These options include sponsored posts ads in the community feed, banner ads on the shop page, featured shops on the home page, featured bottles on the home page (per SKU), custom featured shops and bottles email blast, and influencer marketing opportunities through tastings and blog posts in the feed. For more information or to discuss these options, please feel free to reach out to us at after filling out the form above. We'll be more than happy to explore how these add-ons can enhance your brand's presence on Picks.

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