The Future of Personalized Shopping is Almost Here

Introducing AR Shopping – A Revolutionary Experience

Concept Vision

Blending the Physical and Virtual for a Shopping Experience Beyond Imagination.

What is AR Shopping?

Imagine a world where you step into a store and instantly see product recommendations tailored just for you, where price comparisons between in-store and online happen in real-time, and where every bottle's essence is visually translated for a swift decision-making process. That's AR Shopping for you.

How Does Real-time Identification Work?

It's shopping made effortless. Forget about manually scanning each label or barcode. As you peruse the aisles and look through your device's camera, our state-of-the-art AR technology seamlessly identifies each bottle. Instant badges appear on the ones that align with your preferences. It’s like having a personalized shopping guide with you, highlighting the best options as you walk.

Why is it Revolutionary?

No more endless searching on shelves or getting overwhelmed with options. Our cutting-edge augmented reality merges the online and offline worlds, providing you with unparalleled shopping guidance.

What is AR Shopping?

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  • Personalized Shopping:

    Discover products that align with your preferences, from Buttery & Oaky Chardonnays to Smooth & Sweet Whiskies.
  • Real-time Matches:

    Navigate store aisles effortlessly. Instead of fumbling with barcodes or labels, simply look through your camera. Our advanced AR identifies bottles on-the-go, placing intuitive badges on those that match your preferences. Discover what you're looking for in real-time, revolutionizing your in-store shopping experience.
  • Informed Choices:

    With our AR Shopping, every bottle reveals its flavor profile, making your choices simple and informed. show product compatibility with user tastes.

Behind the Magic

Our solution is an intricate blend of community feedback, sophisticated AI algorithms, and advanced AR classification models. It's not just tech; it's an experience tailored for you.

Strong Intellectual Property, Strong Partnerships

We're at the forefront of innovation with our technology currently patent-pending. Dedicated to safeguarding our revolutionary concepts, we've partnered with industry-leading technology legal firm, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, to steer our IP protection strategy. Together, we aim to redefine the future of shopping.

Meet the Technical Minds Behind the AR Shopping Tool

Driven by passion and expertise, our team is transforming the future of shopping.

Bhargav Mavani
UI/UX Developer
Matthew Miller
Machine Learning Scientist
Sachin Ganesh
AR Solutions Architect
Sashir Babel
Lead Engineer

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