Taste, Share, Discover: Crowd-Powered Picks.

Embark on a tasting journey led by collective intelligence. At Picks, we harness the wisdom of the crowd, paired with cutting-edge AI, to curate spirit and wine recommendations tailored to your unique palate.



Tasting Insights


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From Tasting to Toasting: Your 4-Step Journey with Picks

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2. Taste

Perform a tasting review of any spirit or wine you have at home or bottle you already bought from us.

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3. Matches

Start automatically receiving free picks from us that match your exact taste profile.

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4. Ship

Add your picks to your cart and ship them direct to your door.

A Digital Sommelier in Your Pocket

Your tastes, decoded. Picks doesn’t rely on generic rankings or popularity. As you review spirits and wines, our AI finetunes its understanding of your unique taste profile to curate recommendations tailored to your palate.

As you engage with the app, its suggestions refine. Connect with peers of matching palates and explore their favored picks.

Recommendations From the United Tastes

Beyond algorithms and beyond mere guesswork, our Picks platform dives deep into a reservoir of collective insights. Here, the diverse palates from across the nation unite to guide your spirit and wine discoveries. It’s more than just an app—it’s a movement, a coming together of connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Recommendations driven not just by data, but by real people with real experiences. Join us in celebrating every unique taste, every shared note, and every discovered bottle.

  • Crowdsourced Reviews: Learn from a global community.
  • Flavor Match %: Find your next bottle or compare with friends.
  • Nova AI Assistant: The zenith of beverage expertise.






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Revolutionizing Tastings with Picks

Experience wine & spirits through AI-driven recommendations, honed with every tasting. Tailored picks, direct to your door. Start at picksshop.com.

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User Testimonial - Shopping Picks

See firsthand how Picks is reshaping the onine shopping journey for our passionate community.

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Curated Packs, Personal Experience

Discover the synergy of Picks Packs and our app, elevating tasting to an art form.

What users are saying about our app

A very useful tool

A very simple but informative tool for when you’re in debate if a bottle is worth it or not. It covers all the bases for flavor profile so you can quickly discern whether or not you’ll like something. Thumbs up!



App Store User

Grab your phone & rate your whiskey!

A great way to keep track of what whiskies you’ve tried and enjoyed. Learn how to taste whiskey with the various tasting notes within the app.



App Store User

Awesome Enthusiast’s App

If you’re into whiskey (or any other spirit) and are looking for ways to help challenge yourself, store notes and flavor profiles, or just learn more about your palate, this is the app to do it in! 



App Store User


I’ve been trying to find an app for whiskey that’s similar to what vivino is for wine. This the app. It’s the best place to get info about any bottle you want to learn more about.




Great tasting notes app

This app has a lot of great qualities! It is easy and simple to use but has a great amount of detail. It makes it nice to take notes while on the go but it also lets you have a record of the things you have tasted.



App Store User

Very useful!

With the help of this app, I was provided with a range of interesting options that matched my preferences, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Consequently, I now make it a habit to check the app before visiting the alcohol store. 😍

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